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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Is there a cost to be a part of ReshapeSociety?
A: No. The only thing we ask you to give is of yourself, your ideas, your resources and time. This is about bettering our society and world-at-large, not making money.
Q: Where do I start?
A: The process for joining the ReshapeSociety community is simple:
  1. Create a personal profile
  2. Join a group or create a new one
  3. Define your cause with others in your group
  4. Move to action, locally, nationally, globally
Q: Can I link my ReshapeSociety profile to my Facebook or MySpace profile?
A: Yes. Please check back soon for instructions...
Q: Can I add a link to on my blog, my organization's site or my personal site?
A: Yes. We encourage you to! The larger our community grows, the more we will accomplish.
Q: Is there a place on the site for organizations or causes to provide their links to visitors and members?
A: Yes. We are in the process of establishing one location for all of these worthwhile links. In the meantime, members can provide links from within their profile.
Q: Who is behind the creation of
A: A small group of volunteers who believe in the inherent power inside each of us to promote and preserve societies where goodness, generosity and greatness thrive. We know there are many more like us.
Q: Who do I contact with questions/suggestions/concerns that pertain to
A: Please email
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