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Lauren Weiss
"Lauren Weiss"
43 years old
United States

Last Login: 3/5/2009

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About Lauren Weiss and her Society Philosophies...
Who is not, but should be newsworthy today?
People, events or anything that promotes positivity. Charity work, teachers, schools that are being built, people that do extraordinary things inside and outside of their communities and embrace similar philosophies of love, joy, and nonjudgment.

We need to hear more about the good people in our society. Life should not be about "keeping up with the Jones" and trying to be someone your not. We have become a very greedy/materialistic society and I pray it stops for our generations to come in that it will not lead us down a very damaging path.
What current events or circumstances should receive more news coverage?
Domestic Violence
The War and what is happening to US troops
Who is today's most absurd role model?
Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan or any other toxic celebrity over-exposure to Tweens are raising a generation of 'prosti-tots.' Also George Bush.
What cause do you believe in enough to take action?
Poverty, Drug Abuse, Child Abuse, Porn Addiction, Domestic Violence, Abandonment, I could go on!
For what causes have you taken action in the past?
Donating thousands of dollars to Foster Homes, poverty stricken children all over the world puts a HUGE smile on my face to give. I also always am active in donating to help facilitate this process in getting a cure for Cancer, AIDS, MS and any other incurable diseases people suffer from cured once and for ALL!
What is the best book you've read about bettering the world?
The most bona fide breakthrough happened for me when I read and watched, The Secret. By far this is definitive of LIFE and simply put, The Law of Attraction. A evocation of ancient wisdom that reveals the most powerful law in the universe.

I have also been personally touched by The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren as well as The Alchemist ... Truely A Fable About Following Your Dream.
What is a socially-conscious website that everyone should know about?
First & Foremost ...!

There are a couple out there starting to perculate ...
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