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*Jen* G.S.G. SisterHood™
"Grandparents Against The Destruction Of Families Inc. Nothing Will Change Unless We Make It Change."
64 years old
United States

Last Login: 1/19/2008

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About *Jen* G.S.G. SisterHood™ and her Society Philosophies...
Who is not, but should be newsworthy today?
Before I begin.. I would like to ask all a question..why are the Paris Hiltons and Britney Spears of this world so important to our media? It's sad and sick and we the people need to speak up against this insanity.
Beyonce says she is a role model to our children, yet spends 52, 000 dollars on a "Louie Vuitton" "Patchwork" me this is insanity, I would rather use the money to help build a school, shelter or orphanage.

Alrighty then back to the original question.. who is not, but should be newsworthy today?

Grandparents - Family Values - Doctors Without Borders - Those good, loving, gentle souls who help make this world a better place..

However my main concern right now is Grandparents Rights & The Justice System.

I believe if children had at least 4 truly loving, caring, responsible, stable, solid adults in their lives, I believe, there would be less abuse, less alcoholics, drugs, crime, runaways, teenage prostitution, behavioral and emotional problems..and later in life possibly not becoming dependant or a burden on the system. Think about it? It's true.. many of our societies problems would disappear.

Grandparents, who care are very precious and their gracious love, supervision, and mentorship can guarantee a child's health, security, success, and prosperity, which will be transferred to their children later in life as well.
God gave us Grandparents to watch over our children.
Innocent loving Grandparents and parents are denied contact with their children for long periods of time, for no legitimate reasons.
To deny a child the unconditional love of a good and loving parent or grandparent is a crime. Specially in this hard, cruel world where unconditional love is hard to find.

Less and less in this new era are good Grandparents allowed in their grandchildren's lives. Please help us and sign our petition, you can find it at:

Do this please... this is not something bad this is for right and truth.
We only are asking to uphold laws that are already in place and ignored.
This is a nationwide crisis of enormous proportion. The lives of thousands of children, parents and grandparents have been irreparably harmed by family courts across our nation.
The years of trauma and psychological abuse because of the courts' failings result in lasting emotional damage to the children they are supposed to protect.
Gender bias in the courts., leading national fathers rights organizations have protested in Washington D.C. to no avail and some ended up in jail. Their only crime to raise awareness about the problems in family courts.
Today, the problem is systemic and widespread in family law courts across the nation and the world.

What current events or circumstances should receive more news coverage?
Family values, Parental alienation Syndrome (PAS)
Horrendous human rights violations have been brought to the attention of family court systems, and state and federal governments, to no avail. Who do we turn to? To protect the rights and safety of our children.
The courts and family courts are NOT upholding the laws that already exist and letting perjurers win in court.
Introducing PAS in a child is a form of emotional abuse. In a way, it may be even more detrimental than physically and/or sexually abusing a child. PAS or Parental Alienation Syndrome, is a disorder that arises almost exclusively in the context of child-custody disputes. In this disorder, one parent (the alienator, the alienating parent, the PAS-inducing parent) induces a program of denigration against the other parent (the alienated parent, the victim, the denigrated parent). However, this is not simply a matter of "brainwashing" or "programming" in that the children contribute their own elements into the campaign of denigration. It is this combination of factors that justifiably warrants the designation PAS. When bona fide abuse-neglect is present, then the PAS diagnosis is not applicable. But in most cases, the unfit parent, in an attempt to keep custody of their children, slander, and lie under oath making false accusations, obtaining restraining orders based on lies against the other parent and thus keeping good loving parents and grandparents away from the children.

Grandparents, shouldn't have to put up with abuse! They shouldn't have to suffer because their Grandchildren's parent can be abusive or their behavior is violent, threatening, illegal or out of control due to mental illness, alcohol or drug usage or just plain selfishness, meanness, stupidity and a sick need to have total control.

We would also add that parents that disobey/violate Judges orders on visitation are hardly never held in contempt and they should be!

We need to make sure that the courts uphold and enforce already existing laws/perjury laws, and punish the parent who slanders and lies under oath. PERJURY! ENFORCE THE LAW THAT ALREADY EXSISTS!
Jail the perjurers OR abolish oath taking!
What sort of justice can be expected from the court?
Perjury is a crime and violators should pay the consquences.
Perjurers ruin lives.

Our Florida Governor Charlie Christ made April 27 2007 Parental Alienation Day. Alec Baldwin is writing a book about it. And a new movie is being made "A Fathers Choice" Parental Alienation is very real.
This is something that needs a lot of work because of this families are torn apart everyday and the only ones that pay are the children.
Judges need to fully investigate testimony presented to them in order to make a accurate decision. If one party is caught lying under oath, they should be punished, it's against the law. What happened to the best interest of the children?
Judges need to be held accountable for their mistakes and bad rulings, specially in family courts, the heart of American the family is being destroyed and we cannot let this continue.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, many blessings to you.

Who is today's most absurd role model?
Too Many Here Are A Few:
Paris Hilton, Gansta Rappers, Lindsey Lohan, Britney Spears, Michael Vick,
Many MTV & VH! Reality Show Pinheads and Bimbos. All the deviants, and degenerates who are ruining our world. Howard Stern types. We need to bring back morality, modesty, honor, integrity, decency and family values.
I will not put OJ Simpson in this box because I do not believe he is a role model for anyone who is sane, healthy, intelligent and has a soul.
OJ Simpson is the devil in the flesh with no soul or conscious.
His eyes are black, souless, empty, scary, like a shark.
What cause do you believe in enough to take action?
Grandparents Rights, Parental Alienation (PAS) Domestic Violence/abuse,
Child abuse.
In most cases when marriages fail and fall apart the love and the feelings of family members are shut out. Children are being ripped away from the nurturing wisdom of grandparents and loving relatives and these relationships are left empty and broken.

3 year old Kelsey Briggs is dead, we believe if the courts granted her paternal grandmother Kathie custody, she may well still be alive today.

Many have lost faith, trust and respect for the law and our justice system.

Kelsey Briggs should be the poster child for our failed system.
We have an incompetent, inadequate, and inept justice system and this is indeed a social problem. The system is soooo flawed and dangerous!
Many Government workers and social workers are lazy and hate their jobs.
Some go to work on Monday and pray to breeze through the week. They now have computers at work they use for their personal use, shopping, chatting, playing games. They have cell phones now and text messaging, some sleep at work. Many are inadequate, lazy, rude, nasty!

Some media do better research than our Government employees.

The nation's foster care system is flawed. Cases where child protection and adoption agencies rush through "streamlined" administrative processes, stripping children away from parents for federal money, are more frequently appearing on a nationwide scale. Luckily, some of these agencies are being caught in the act of using their powers to generate revenue for the state agencies as opposed to solving actual problems. But why are removals and placement occuring so quickly? Children have to not only be removed but placed with a foster parent in order to receive valuable federal funds through Title IV-E of the Social Security Act. Due to funding incentives direct relative placement becomes less likely where a jurisdiction suffers budgetary issues and a highly-adoptable (younger and more attractive) child enters the system. It is more profitable to encourage foster placement than direct relative placement because of the incentivization of negative outcomes in our nation's foster care policies and system.

It's TIME to let families raise family instead of the STATE!

People are being slandered, and debunked statistics used against them to keep loving parents and grandparents from their children.
Holding up your right hand in court and swearing under oath means nothing.
Why even bother? If it means something, then make those that break our laws pay the consequences! Or abolish oath taking!
Those held in contempt of court, perjure themselves and disobey Judges orders should NOT go unpunished and free to continue the abuse.

Parental Alienation Syndrome (PAS) in conjunction with the incompetence of family courts and our justice system our Country is becoming unrecognizable.
We need to clean up our courts and family courts.
"Family Courts", "Child Protective Services" and incompetent Judges are destroying the heart of America, the family!
Until Judges have the courage and take responsiblity to enforce the laws that already exist, that protect the BEST interest of our children, the justice system, family courts and child protective services... will continue to be a sham and a hypocritical drain on the public fisc.
To serve as a Judge is not a right, it's a privilege and a responsiblity.


Child Trafficking In USA???

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. -- A judge has found the state Department of Children & Families negligent in failing to properly investigate the medical histories of two children before accusing their mother of intentionally making them sick.

One child was placed in shelter care for 144 days and the other for 77 days in 2006 before being allowed to go live with grandparents.

"What is apparent to this court is that (DCF officials) came up with a legal theory, i.e. that this was a case of Munchausen by Proxy, a serious form of child abuse, and attempted to substantiate their theory with inaccurate and misleading information," Broward County Circuit Judge Marina Garcia-Wood wrote in a decision Friday criticizing the agency's performance.

The children had records from California documenting their legitimate medical problems, and the family's doctors had given sworn statements rejecting the abuse allegations. But DCF failed to consider those records, continuing dependency court proceedings three months after the family provided the documentation. The agency later dismissed all abuse allegations in July 2006.

"This court finds that the failure to consult with the children's prior medical doctors and caretakers, and a careful review of all medical records, which were extensive, and the children's medical history was, in fact, medical neglect," the judge wrote.

Garcia-Wood ordered the agency to pay for the Evans' legal fees.

The family has also filed a federal lawsuit against three DCF officials, alleging they violated the couple's civil rights by taking the children away.

Information from: South Florida Sun-Sentinel,">


We Are Looking For A Sponsor.

For what causes have you taken action in the past?
Grandparents rights, parental Alienation, child abuse, domestic violence/abuse, animal abuse, world hunger, child trafficking, drunk driving.

We Can't All Do Great Things, However We Can All Do Small Things In Great Ways...
We at GSG Grandparents Supporting Grandparents ( ) are constantly flooded with complaints by grandparents, parents and children.
Wronged by the judicial system and the corruption in family services and courts. We CAN turn the tide of such systematic atrocities disguised under the color of law.

What is the best book you've read about bettering the world?
"In My Own Words" Mother Teresa

"The purpose driven life" Rick Warren

What is a socially-conscious website that everyone should know about?

Grandparents Against The Destruction Of Families Inc.

We demand our STATES Representatives and US Congress to investigate our States judiciary and officials for criminal misconduct, fraud, violations of Constitutional rights, destruction of our families, livelihood, etc. etc.
We implore all those in power to end the injustice done to loving parents & grandparents in family courts and social services by Government employees..

Thanks to Denise Brown, she like me turned her pain into purpose and she has done alot to spread awareness and helped to educate the world.
Thank you Denise Brown for bringing me here.
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