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About mary and her Society Philosophies...
Who is not, but should be newsworthy today?
Any celebrity that is affected by or is against Parental Alienation (ex. Alec Baldwin) This seems to be the only way to bring awareness to this most important issue.
What current events or circumstances should receive more news coverage?
The enormous affects of Parental Alienation both short and long term. This is rampant across the globe.

And also the court system that allows perjurers to file false acccusations resulting in wrongful arrests leaving the innocent parties with records to expunge at extrmely high costs. And allowing the perjurers to file these claims over and over.
Who is today's most absurd role model?
The usual, Britney, Paris and the Nicole Richies of the world, and any parent that allows their daughters to buy into the fantasy.
What cause do you believe in enough to take action?
I strongly believe that exsisting perjury laws should be enforced. That is where it all starts, the alienation, the filing of false claims, the wrongful arrests ect. Unless these exsisting laws are enforced, this endless cycly will continue.

The court orders that have NCP (non-custodial parents) arrested for non payment of child support are the same orders that are violated by the CP (custodial parent) for visitation and yet there are no consequences for them, this MUST change.
For what causes have you taken action in the past?
Advocate for parents/grandparents suffering from the affects of Parental Alienation and trying to help make the necessary changes.
What is a socially-conscious website that everyone should know about?
Introducing PAS in a child is a form of emotional abuse. In a way, it may be even more detrimental than physically and/or sexually abusing a child. PAS or Parental Alienation Syndrome, is a disorder that arises almost exclusively in the context of child-custody disputes. In this disorder, one parent (the alienator, the alienating parent, the PAS-inducing parent) induces a program of denigration against the other parent (the alienated parent, the victim, the denigrated parent). However, this is not simply a matter of "brainwashing" or "programming" in that the children contribute their own elements into the campaign of denigration. It is this combination of factors that justifiably warrants the designation PAS. When bona fide abuse-neglect is present, then the PAS diagnosis is not applicable. But in most cases, the unfit parent, in an attempt to keep custody of their children, slander, and lie under oath making false accusations, obtaining restraining orders based on lies against the other parent and thus keeping good loving parents and grandparents away from the children.

We would also add that parents that disobey/violate Judges orders on visitation are hardly never held in contempt and they should be!

The main objective of this petition is to make sure that the courts uphold and enforce already existing laws/perjury laws, and punish the parent who slanders and lies under oath. PERJURY! ENFORCE THE LAW THAT ALREADY EXSISTS!
Jail the perjurers OR abolish oath taking!
What sort of justice can be expected from the court?
Perjury is a crime and violators should pay the consquences.
Perjurers ruin lives.
The courts can and will be compelled for action.

Why have a law if it is not upheld? Then abolish oath taking! Or enforce the law!
We have this law yet it is not enforced and many innocents lives are being ruined.
We are not asking for harsher sentences, just that our current law is enforced.
It is TOO easy to commit purjury and not pay the consquences.
This bill will enforce the penalties for violations of Oath Taking (purjury)
Perjury and Punishment for Perjury.
We may need to add to the existing law, to enforce punishment.
This bill will enforce current laws relating to PAS that are not being enforced.

Judges need to listen to all testimonies and witnesses and get computer literate or get off the bench! American families are being destroyed because of their incompetence.

To deny a child the unconditional love of a good and loving parent or grandparent is a crime.

Grandparents Have Rights Too!
G.S.G. Grandparents Supporting Grandparents -

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