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65 years old
Rhode Island
United States

Last Login: 2/29/2008

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About Judy and her Society Philosophies...
Who is not, but should be newsworthy today?
The good people of the world because I do believe we are the majority. We only hear of the bad. Look at our television! All about crime! We need to hear more about the good people in our society. People who believe in God and family and have made sacrifices to raise good children. Life should not be about who has the bigger home or better car first and family comes second!! We have become a very materialistic society.

What current events or circumstances should receive more news coverage?
Hopefully this website if it becomes what it can be, a place to REALLY get
our heads together and move towards a better future for all of us. I'm afraid however, after reading a few profiles on here, that it will turn into one huge bitchfest. This site should not be about Bush bashing or bashing anyone for that matter , it shouldn't be about if you are for or against the war. We should all support our toops no matter what we think of Bush or if we approve or disapprove of the war.The issue here should be about getting back to the basics.God, family, morals. How do we do that in a society that I see as spinning out of control? We have kids killing kids in school, teenage pregnancy is rampant, children have no morals, no fear of consequences to thier actons. Mother and father are both working and the children are being raised by day care workers.

Parental Alienation and the antiquated laws of the family court system that allow good men to be alienated from thier children because of vindictive women .The family court and judges just don't care! No matter how much time and money are spent and evidence presented the woman still wins primary placement and continues to alienate the father. The children are the one's who suffer the most.Every child should be allowed to love both mother and father without interference from the alienating parent. Please don't get me wrong, women are also alienated from their kids , it's just that in the majority of cases it is the woman that is doing the alienating.
Who is today's most absurd role model?
There are so many.Britney Spears for young girls. Michael Moore, Bill O'Reilly and Howard Stern are role models for many with their totally one sided, warped views of their own perceived reality.
What cause do you believe in enough to take action?
Domestic Violence. Reducing violence on television. Parental Alienation.
For what causes have you taken action in the past?
I have donated to The March Of Dimes, Jerry Lewis telethon, St Judes Children's Research Hospital and others.

Hmmmm other than that I never really thought I could make a difference until now, with ALL of you, I think WE can make a difference!!! Let's at least try.
What is the best book you've read about bettering the world?
Tuesday's with Morrie. We need more Morrie's in this world.Thank you Morrie, we sure could use you back here on earth! Rest In Peace.
What is a socially-conscious website that everyone should know about?
This one.
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