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About aarman and his Society Philosophies...
Who is not, but should be newsworthy today?
M. Okhovat who has spent a life time on exploring the root causes of all sorts of violence, wars, man-made global threats, and Environmental Destruction; and, finding ways on how to bring about World Permanent Peace and to create a secure gentler New World with brighter and broader horizons and cleaner and bluer skies.
Please, visit to see how.
What current events or circumstances should receive more news coverage?
Scientists, Philanthropists, Environmentalists, and all dedicated persons and entities who care about the planet should receive more coverage, and, on the other hand, all the Global Threats and dangerous situations, natural and man-caused, which have put this planet and its inhabitants in serious danger should receive more coverage and dealt with as well.
Who is today's most absurd role model?
Paris Hilton, Britney Spears, Nicole Ritchie, Lindsy Lohan , O.J. Simpson, Michael Vick, Hugh Hefner, etc, and, all those who promote vanity instead of sanity, extravagance instead of simplicity, and war instead of peace.
What cause do you believe in enough to take action?
Protecting Environment; Preventing Child abuse; Eliminating World Illiteracy and Ignorance; Eradicating World Hunger and Poverty; Promoting Universal Health and Sanity; Conserving Natural Treasures and Resources, Protecting Cultural Heritages and Artistic Antiquities, Preventing and fight AIDS, and reducing the prevalence of other Incurable Illnesses; Eliminating all sorts of Racial, Social, Cultural, and Religious Prejudices; and, Fighting and Eradicating all kinds of Worldwide Injustices and inequalities in order to eliminate Violence, Intolerance, Terrorism, Crime , and, in order to succeed in bringing about World Permanent Peace, Security, and Prosperity for all.
For what causes have you taken action in the past?
For all of the above mentioned causes, especially, protecting the environment, children health and safety, and most of all towards World Permanent Peace.
What is the best book you've read about bettering the world?
Since the betterment of the world should start with the individual, I believe the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren is one of the best books that I have read in this relation.
What is a socially-conscious website that everyone should know about?
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